Colposcope Standard

Model: ARETE AR-20K

Technical Specifications
  • 1/6” Microlens CCD
  • Imaging System from Original SONY
  • Resolution >950 CCD Lines
  • Digital Matrix Processor Technology
  • Effective 19.2 Mega Pixels
  • Multiple modes of Electronic Green Filter
  • Morphological Filtering
  • Automatic Screening, Diagnosis & Reporting
  • Optical Zooming: 1-52x
  • Corner to Corner Uniform Brightness
  • Fast advanced fully Automatic Focusing
  • Real time Display of Magnification & Timer for acetic acid and iodine test
  • Ultra Bright White LED Cold Light
  • Recommended Lamp Life 25000 Hours
  • Minimum Illumination 0.2 Lux
ORIGINAL Arete Multi-function Image processing software.
  • Integrated Management of View Examination, image capture, Freeze, Recording, Observation, and Processing.
  • Can be integrated to LAN and HIS
  • Reference pictures library to help user
  • Statistics mode with automatic flow chart facility is provided.
  • Printing of Multi Format photo report with Hammond graph Report
  • Powerful Comparison to compare
  • Colposcopy REID Evaluation